Genealogists + vintage specialists = Artifact Genealogy!

  • object identification
  • artifact research
  • ownership research | antiques | homes

Advantages to researching your antiques

  • increased marketability
  • sales growth
  • generates consumer interest in your business | and other products for sale
  • estate planning
  • gifting
  • donation | consignment plans
  • offers an understanding of how the market will respond to your antiques today

Artifact Genealogy is part of Heir Luminaries | a full service genealogy company

Adah F. Hall House_Pembroke

Studying families and tracing the history of generations.

  • immigration origins
  • family tree builder
  • missing heir
  • relationship charts
  • ancestry verification

Blogging  about spaces in time;

  • news, opinions and recommendations
  • artifacts
  • historic places
  • old inns
  • considerations for the bygone buff and adventure seeker in all of us